Monster Day on Tabletop Hill/ テーブルがおかのモンスターの日

Monster Day on Tabletop Hill/ テーブルがおかのモンスターの日

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Clang-clang! Clang-clang!

It was Grandpa Sweep-Sweep and Granny Wipe-Wipe!

"It's Monster Day on Tabletop Hill!" they cried. "Clean up, clean up! It's time to clean up!"

Forky is a lively fork boy who lives on Tabletop Hill. He loves playing with his friends at Sugar Cube Park. And that's where they are one day, when the sudden sound of clanging bells make them all freeze with fear. Oh no, it's Monster Day! Forky's friends run home, but Forky's wide-eyed curiosity leads him to discover a whole new circle of friends, who turn out to be not so scary after all. 

Language: English and Japanese
Author: Akiko Sueyoshi
Illustrated by David Liew
Translated by Cathy Hirano

Published by: AFCC Publications 

All proceeds from these bilingual books will go towards supporting the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) 2018. This flagship event by NBDCS is focused on the creation and appreciation of children’s content for writers, illustrators, publishers, teachers and parents. For more information, please visit