Bilingual Book: Adil's Dining Table/ Meja Makan Adil

Bilingual Book: Adil's Dining Table/ Meja Makan Adil

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The goal post is leaving Adil. The garage is leaving Adil. The clinic is leaving Adil.

"But I want my dining table!" says Adil. ("Saya mahu meja saya!" kata Adil.)

What happens when Adil's dining table gets taken away by Ah Pek, the rag-and-bone man? Will Adil get to be a soccer hero? Drive his vehicle into the garage? Or becomes a doctor to Teddy?

Follow Adil's humorous tale!

Language: English and Malay
Author: Rilla Melati Bahri
Illustrated by Paula Pang

Supported by: Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism
Published by: AFCC Publications 

All proceeds from these bilingual books will go towards supporting the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) 2018. This flagship event by NBDCS is focused on the creation and appreciation of children’s content for writers, illustrators, publishers, teachers and parents. For more information, please visit