Bilingual Book: Lion's Heart, Painted Thoughts/ 狮心绘意

Bilingual Book: Lion's Heart, Painted Thoughts/ 狮心绘意

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Two lions, two countries, sixteen authors, sixteen stories. From their purest intentions, wide imagination come together to create the most beautiful children's book, filled with the most childlike innocence. 

Lion's Heart, Painted Thoughts: Children's Literature from Singapore and China is a  book specially created for the Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC) 2015. Sixteen renowned children's literature writers from Singapore and China have written playful, childlike stories surrounding the themes of "Home", "Dreams" and "Friendship". 

Language: English and Mandarin
Edited by Tan Chee Lay (Singapore) and Wu Shuangying (China)
Illustrated by Zhao Ronghao (China)
Publisher: Hu Jian 

(All proceeds from these bilingual books will go towards supporting the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC). This flagship event by NBDCS is focused on the creation and appreciation of children’s content for writers, illustrators, publishers, teachers and parents. For more information, please visit