Bilingual Book: Something Special/特别的东西

Bilingual Book: Something Special/特别的东西

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When Jia Ying said she was starting a new hobby, her parents were a little worried.

"Don't worry! This is something special!" (别担心! 这是一个特别的东西!)

Mum and Dad were very happy that Jia Ying had a hobby. But her hobby was becoming a problem and everyone around her tried to help. Ironically, Jia Ying did not see her hobby as a problem until the day something happened.

Find out how Jia Ying finally solved her problem, and discovered the true meaning of "something special".

Language: English and Mandarin 
Author: Evelyn Sue Wong 
Illustrated by Guo Jingzhu

Supported by: Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism
Published by: AFCC Publications 

All proceeds from these bilingual books will go towards supporting the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) 2018. This flagship event by NBDCS is focused on the creation and appreciation of children’s content for writers, illustrators, publishers, teachers and parents. For more information, please visit