The Crane and the Crab (Chinese edition)/ 鹤与螃蟹

The Crane and the Crab (Chinese edition)/ 鹤与螃蟹

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A long, long time ago in a kampong, there was a pond with plenty of fish.

But the pond soon begins to dry up, and a watchful and greedy crane has an idea: He fools the fish into thinking that he will bring them to a large, sparkling lake. In the meantime, a crab who has been watching the crane has plans of his own…

Illustrated with engaging artwork, former Singapore President SR Nathan’s retelling of this wonderful folktale has a timeless message that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. 

This edition is written in Chinese. 


Language: Mandarin
Author: S.R. Nathan
Illustrator: Anngee Neo
Supported by: Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism
Published by: Epigram Books


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