The Hope-filled Art of Martin See Tho

The Hope-filled Art of Martin See Tho

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Martin See Tho was 32 when he became a wheel-chair bound victim of Machado
Joseph Disease, an incurable degenerative disorder that robbed him of his career,
dignity and gradually, all his physical abilities.

However, he persevered through all odds and adversity, and learned digital painting
at age 36. The journey was never smooth for Martin, but through unwavering faith,
arduous work and tenacity, he eventually emerged as a true victor and gained recognition as a Singapore Signature Artist in 2007. Martin passed away peacefully
in 2009 at age 40, leaving behind a legacy of 160 digital artworks which he created
during the most despairing last lap of his life.

This book is Martin’s poignant, intensely moving testimony of living life to the fullest
till the very last moment visualised by his Art. It is a compilation of hope, optimism
and immeasurable grit, made possible only by the sheer and unflinching love and
conviction of his wife, caregiver, and soulmate, Sandra Choo.

Net proceeds from the sale of this book will go to support The Book Council in their
mission to encourage and support local content creation through awards and writing, reading, illustrating and storytelling events and workshops.